Fragmob Mobile Apps Result in Cost Effective Lead Gen for Strong ROI

Since the launch of the massively successful Prospector feature, independent sales reps across the world have been qualifying tens of millions of existing contacts and turning leads into customers.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know and are four times more likely to buy when referred from a friend. In Fragmob mobile apps, the Prospector feature can enhance these personal referrals with a swipe of a finger.

With thousands of distributors using Fragmob apps worldwide, we conducted a study: Based on 9,000 randomly selected distributors across three Fragmob clients, the average direct seller has 625 contacts in their smartphone address book.

Direct sales companies have estimated an average 20% conversion rate with an average $100 customer purchase point. Using Prospector, distributors can qualify ~125 leads and convert 25+ new customers to unlock $2,500 in new sales, just from the contacts they already know and have in their phone.

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High Value for Low Cost


Extremely Low Cost Model

Fragmob-developed mobile apps cost an average of $2/month per user and include a) automatic upgrades, b) maintenance and hosting, and c) complementary training and adoption, with low or no setup fees.

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