Mobile Technology & Field Retention

The key to field retention is providing reps with engaging training, tools, and rewards during their first 72 hours. Fragmob reaches new distributors where they already spend their time: on mobile smartphones and in social sharing apps.

70-80% of new distributors take no action after joining a direct sales or party plan company.

That’s an eye-opening statistic. Newly enrolled distributors were highly motivated to engage with your company and sign up ‒ and yet the majority of them take no action. Mobile tools and digital training can save these valuable advocates of your brand and products.

Why do distributors take no action and leave the business?

33% of former distributors said they did not make enough money for the effort required.
21% of former distributors responded they didn’t like selling or were not good at selling.
15% of former distributors stated that they left due to insufficient support or training.*

Among the top motivators for staying in direct selling is the opportunity to be rewarded for one’s efforts. Direct sellers strongly identify with both tangible and emotional rewards.*

The Fragmob Mobile Platform is specifically designed to transform distributors’ phones into a step-by-step training guide and digital reward center, all tailored to your company.

My Steps

✦ Industry insiders estimate that between 70 and 80 percent of new consultants don’t take any action, including placing an order or attending a training, after they join. [DSN]

* Distributor responses from the National Salesforce Study.

Instigating Action with the Fragmob Mobile Platform

New distributors deserve clear, step-by-step instructions that propel them to the next milestone. The Fragmob app feature My Steps helps distributors progress via a gamified experience.

Digital mentorship is effective at onboarding and training new sales reps.
“Take Me There” functionality brings the user to the content or feature they need.
My Steps instills a sense of confidence and maximizes field engagement, making them more likely to remain active distributors.

Game players exhibit persistence, attention to detail, and problem solving – all behaviors that positively impact direct sellers. When experiencing game design elements, app users activate those positive traits and apply them to selling and recruiting. Gamification elements in My Steps include Points, Trophies, Quests, and Rank Insignias, all of which may be tailored to your organization.

Fragmob has a dedicated Mobile Adoption Team to help launch your app. Contact us to discuss strategies for effective mobile adoption and field retention.

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