Direct Sales Compliance and Mobile

Compliance has become a top priority in direct sales, especially given the scrutiny by the FTC. Widespread mobile usage should be leveraged to dramatically improve compliance in media usage, social sharing, enrollment process, and more.

The Issue: Compliance and the Field

Despite good intentions, many independent sales reps break their company’s stated compliance rules. With renewed FTC crackdown and focus on direct sales, it is more important than ever for corporate to educate the field about compliance. There are several compliance issues with which firms often get into trouble:

The field may be poorly educated about proper and inappropriate product and compensation claims.
The field may lack corporate approved, easily accessible media to share with potential customers and recruits. Often direct sellers create their own material that may be in violation of compliance rules, and is shared on social media and other public outlets.
Companies often lack sufficient record keeping to show to regulators how many people (and specifically which field members) have watched official compliance videos.

According to a recent study discussed in Compliance and Ethics Hot Topics for 2016, two of the key concerns for companies today are how to build consistency in compliance programs and create and maintain an ethical culture.

The Solution: Fragmob Mobile Platform

Fragmob provides many standard mobile app features and corporate analytics that improve regulatory compliance within the field. Widespread and growing global mobile usage by direct sellers can be harnessed by corporate firms to improve compliance in the field.

My StepsMediaLibraryShare from Media

Using the Portal, Fragmob clients often load their mobile apps to include educational compliance videos for sales reps. Doing so informs direct sellers about what to say, and equally importantly, what not to say about product and compensation claims.
The mobile Media Library feature is perfect tool to enable the field to share corporate approved assets at the tap of a button, anytime, wherever they are. Your corporate team manages the content so your field can efficiently distribute videos, documents, images, and other media to prospects. Providing this powerful compliant resource center to your field allows them to emphasize the truly great, approved claims.
Fragmob clients use My Steps to provide a step-by-step, gamified working method to achieve sales and training goals. Most clients include watching an educational compliance video as one of the main steps to accomplish. Fragmob has the ability to track each video watched by a sales rep and send these records to corporate to assist with regulatory compliance strategy.

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