Mobile App Adoption Strategy

With years of experience working closely with clients, Fragmob has developed many strategic initiatives to ensure your organization’s mobile app implementation is launched with the best chance of success.

Identify & Prevent the Problem

You understand that empowering Independent Sales Representatives (ISRs) with a mobile application provides them with essential business functionality on the go and ensures that your business remains competitive in today’s mobile world.

apps-01Your decision to roll out a mobile tool that gives your ISRs the power to sell more products and recruit more team members has been applauded. Your team has discussed, reviewed and determined that the new mobile application will generate higher engagement from your field.

The mobile application is launched and all involved sit back and congratulate each other on a project well done.

But mass adoption of the apps do not occur. Your ISRs continue to use the less efficient procedures and the company does not benefit from an increase in productivity.

What happened?

Your business overlooked one key aspect of success: Field Buy-In.

Build Anticipation & Excitement

If you are bringing change to the way your field goes about their business, it is important to first lay the groundwork for success. In the weeks or months running up to the launch, start marketing the application.

Building anticipation and excitement is best achieved through several channels:
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  • Corporate Literature
  • Social Media
  • Back Office Websites
  • Email
  • SMS

Repeatedly exposing the field to the forthcoming mobile app will foster familiarity.


Set Specific Goals & Communicate Results

Setting specific targets and having your field buy into those goals will enable you to track operational performance. Doing so will provide the field with a connection to their new mobile application and the motivation to achieve the goals, which will in turn allow you to promote the success that they are having with the app.

Examples of targets include:

  • Share 10 product videos
  • Contact 10 new prospects
  • Enroll 25% more new team members
  • Sell 25% more products

As the field begins to achieve small goals, make sure you communicate these improvements and congratulate them. Make sure they are sharing in this success and enjoying the win as well!

Invest in Training

Consider a “train the trainer” approach in which you focus on the Leaders in your organization. They can be your strongest advocates as well as your keenest critics so be mindful of them. Train your Leaders on the specific features of the app, but make sure you help them understand which challenges these features are helping them and their teams to overcome. In this way they can then provide continual training to the rest of the team as they continue with their mentorship.

gradBe pragmatic about your own training. Focus on the features that will help your Leaders to move their own needle as well as that of their team. Don’t overwhelm them with details that are not important to them.

Training the Customer Support team is best practice as doing so will provide the people that assist the field with an understanding of how the app works. They will not only be able to provide help with the app itself, but also provide suggestions of how the application can solve issues that evolve out of everyday challenges.

Reward Good Behavior

The best way to provide encouragement is through positive reinforcement, and the best positive reinforcement that an ISR can receive is a reward. Rewards do not need to be financial in nature, and can be just as effective if they are recognized in front of their peers.

Here are a few simple starting ideas that you can reward with global recognition on social media and the company website:

  • Teams who enroll at least 3 new customers through the app over a 30-day period
  • Individuals who increase their Personal Volume (PV) using the app
  • ISRs who achieve the most sales of a new product through the app
  • Motivate the field to accomplish sales and training goals with points and trophies

graphA mobile app adoption strategy including ISR recognition, leader training, specific goals, and building excitement will all help to ensure Field Buy-In. The Fragmob team works with you not just on your mobile platform implementation – we come with an app adoption plan!

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