Product Update – Watch Media Offline on Your Mobile App

During this week we are releasing the following updates to the mobile platform. They will be available to your users as app updates via their respective App Stores.

  • Media Library Download Feature (Offline Mode) now allows users to store content on their phones for access when not connected to the network.
  • More Powerful Search Logic in the Media Library now takes into account the full description text of all your content.

Media Library Download Feature (Offline Mode)

In the latest version of your app, users are now able to download content from the Media Library and store it locally on their device.

media-library-offline-modeThis functionality enables the user to ensure that their most useful media items are available at any time to view whether or not they have a network connection.

For those long journeys, users can now download Media Library content ahead of time while they are on a Wi-Fi network and watch or listen to them when they are on a plane, in a car, or anywhere without a consistent connection.

Downloading content will, by default, allow the user to distribute it. For those items that Corporate teams do not want their users to share, using the slider in the content media upload page will also prevent the user from being able to download it.

Shareable and Downloadable

More Powerful Search Logic

It is now considerably quicker and easier to find relevant content in the Media Library. Following the addition of a search feature to the Media Library some months ago, we have now increased its capabilities to enable users to search by description content and not just by the title.

As a user I am now able to search the entire contents of the library for anything that mentions, for example, a particular product or event in its description.

A search can pull up content across all Content Types: Video, Audio, Image, News, File, and Link. In combination with the Tags that corporate creates to enable the sub-category menus, this update makes navigating the Media Library on your phone a more rewarding experience.