Product Update – The Continued Gamification of My Steps

This week we would like to announce several of our continuing feature updates to the Fragmob mobile platform:

  • Trophies & Points in My Steps give the app user the recognition and motivation to follow the steps to achieve success.
  • Local Push Notifications will re-engage users bringing them back into the app.
  • Two Additional Customizable Tags in the Media Library allow you to create extra categories.

In Gamification by Design, Gabe Zichermann tells us that “gamification is 75 percent psychology and 25 percent technology.” By providing a platform for competition, sharing achievements, and managing the progress of your work, a gamified digital tool can tap into the psychological behaviors which affect our everyday actions.

The direct selling industry could possibly be at the top the list of those most suited toward gamification. Is there another industry that is more accustomed to points, rewards, and ranks of achievements than direct selling?

With the new Trophies and Points functionality, you now have the capability to reward users who complete Steps that drive good behaviors that help grow their business.

Trophies & Points in My Steps

Game players exhibit persistence, attention to detail, and problem solving – all behaviors that positively impact direct sellers working their business. When experiencing game design elements, app users activate those positive traits and apply them to selling and recruiting.

unlock-trophyGamification elements in the My Steps feature include Points, Trophies, Quests, and Rank Insignias, all of which may be tailored to the organization and comp plan. These features allow app users to focus on progression and visualize incremental success.

  • Points are a visual, engaging indicator to show users the value progression of their work as they rank up. Points are advertised on the step if available and are awarded when users complete the step. Corporate clients can determine point values to appropriately match the difficulty level of each step.
  • Trophies reward users with an individual trophy title and congratulatory text when a designated step is completed. Users can share and publicize their trophy accomplishments through the app. Trophy icon sets can be displayed in the style of coins, plaques, cups, or badges. Or, reinforce your in-app corporate brand with client-provided trophy artwork.
  • Quests are the steps given for a rank. Rank Insignias are displayed in the steps timeline and are unlocked as users progress from rank to rank. Users can see past, current, and future ranks, giving them a visual reference of your company’s comp plan.

Local Push Notification

Regular users of the app are more successful than those who download it with every intention of growing their business and then lose motivation. By adding a push notification that is triggered after a week of inactivity, the app will now remind the user to revisit.

reminder-push-notificationUsers will now see “It’s been 7 days since you’ve used the app, come back…”

When combined with fresh new content in the Media Library to share or the addition of My Steps to guide users through your compensation plan, improving in-app sessions can help increase the amount of time your distributors are thinking about and working on growing their business.

Two Additional Customizable Tags

Up until now you have had the ability to add three of your own category headings in the Media Library banner. This functionality has proved very popular with the most popular categories being Training, Products, and Events. We have now added an additional two editable categories for your convenience.