Product Update – Supporting More Billion-Dollar Markets

By December 1, 2016Product Updates, Tech Blog

Supporting More Billion-Dollar Markets

The 23 countries with retail sales of $1 billion or more in the direct sales industry made up 94% of all global sales in 2015, according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA). With the addition of the latest three languages the Fragmob mobile platform now supports the primary languages for 20 of these countries right out of the box.

If you are looking to launch your app in any of these profitable territories the work is already done and we can accommodate that without fuss.

As always, to ensure your Independent Sales Representatives (ISRs) benefit from these latest product updates, they will need to update the app on their smartphones.

Additional Languages

Billion Dollar MarketsWe have added the Russian, Portuguese, and Tagalog (Filipino) languages to the existing 16 languages that the platform supports making a grand total of 19. We now support 20 of the 23 billion-dollar markets as identified in the WFDSA report published in August 2016.

By adding Russian we now offer the primary language in all six of the billion-dollar European markets, and with Portuguese, we now cover all seven of the Central and South America billion-dollar markets.

With our focus on supporting many languages and locations, we enable you to launch a uniform mobile app across multiple territories while managing it from a single source that also provides analytics.

If the primary language of the country that you wish to launch in is not covered by our platform today, we can arrange for it to be included.

Prospects By Status Report

In addition to working hard to generate leads from resources such as social media, traditional advertising and direct mailings, it is important to ensure that existing contacts and those introduced through your field are not overlooked. After all, the cost of the acquisition of these prospects is far lower, and far more promising!

Since the launch of Prospector, our clients’ distributors have been using Fragmob mobile apps to sort through their existing contacts and turn leads into prospects. This feature has led to some eye-turning potential market numbers within our clients’ field organizations.

For example, we randomly selected 9,000 distributors across three Fragmob clients and discovered that, the average direct seller has 625 contacts in their smartphone address book. This latest update to the report provides you with more details regarding those Prospects that your ISRs are connected to and how they are working these leads.

iOS Audio Update

The latest update allows users to listen to Media Library content like the audio files while the screen is dark. Users of the app are now able to listen to their audio file while jogging or walking the dog!