Product Update – Social Media Feeds By Country

By October 11, 2016Product Updates, Tech Blog

Social Feeds by Country

As a result of our current focus on improving the way the platform handles localization and language, we are now able to support targeted Social Media Feeds by Country.

Similar to the way we now handle Targeted Content by Country of Enrollment, a distribution filter has been added to social media streams enabling us to specify which independent sales reps can view them based on their country of enrollment supported by the company.

For example, we can ensure that the US-based independent sales reps who are using your app will see content posted from your US social media streams and the Japanese social media streams are available for Japanese independent sales reps.

Improved Sort Algorithm

When sorting Prospects using the friendly swipe feature, users will now be presented with suggested Prospects based on an improved algorithm. The algorithm, amongst other things uses the amount of contact information the user has stored for each contact to predict how well you know that person.

By presenting the most likely Hot Prospects first, the app is providing the user with the feeling of success. Doing so enables the user to create their Hot List faster which in turn provides a greater opportunity to convert these prospects to Wins.

Reports Update

Several Reports in the Analytics section of the FragDS Portal have been tweaked to provide even more valuable information.

  • App Feature Usage – now shows percentage of time spent in each feature rather than percentage of the number of visits
  • Prospects By Status – now shows an accumulative total of Prospects in each category rather than the daily total