Product Update – Sales Conversion AND Communication Improvements

My Share Tracking Improvement

We added My Share Tracking to the Fragmob Platform in February 2017 however we are particularly excited about this upgrade.

My Share Tracking enables you to add a single Call-To-Action button to the footer of every piece of shared Media Library content. Our latest update enables you to add a Call-To-Action button that is specific to each Media Library item you share.

For example, you can create a button for any of the content types that exist in the Media Library (Audio/Video/News/Image/Links). The button can take the viewer directly to that product’s shopping page. By using the App User Variables when creating the Button Link, you can form the URL for a replicated website or track and attribute the introduction to a specific app user.

By adding the individual URLs to a piece of content, you are giving your app users the power to increase their conversion rate and drive sales.

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ACTA Video Example

Add-CTA-Button ACTA Video Sign Up


Corporate Alerts

In the newly created Communications section in the Fragmob Client Portal, we have this week added Corporate Alerts to the existing deep Link Generator tool.
You now have the ability to deliver a push notification that, when tapped, launches your app and takes the user directly to any specific page or content item within the app.

Push notifications are delivered directly to your users’ devices, meaning you reach them even when your app is not running. You can specify who receives the notification by choosing the Country and Target Rank* from the dropdown menu of those available to you.

Corporate Alert

If a nationwide conference call is about take place for all Team Leaders at 7pm, you could send a push notification shortly beforehand to remind them of the call and take your users straight to its details.

The number of Invited Targets will inform you how many app users qualify for the notification. The Opted Out column will show you how many have turned off notifications in their settings.

The Golden Rule: Don’t Kill The Goose. One of the reasons that Push Notifications are so successful is because they are difficult to ignore. This quality also makes them an annoyance if, as a user, you are constantly bombarded. If more and more of your users are turning off their notifications then you may be sending too many!

*technically dependent on receiving rank details from your back office

Promoted Product

Now you can highlight and organize your products within the Media Library with the Promoted Category. Consider giving your product-related content items a ‘Buy Now’ CTA and adding them to Promoted Category. App users can visit the Promoted Category in Media Library to access sharable content that will take their prospects directly where they need to go to complete the purchase.

Use this update to drive sales and conversion… and together with corporate alerts (push notifications), it’s a great way to feature products.

Promoted Product