Product Update – Opening Up the Power of Deep Links

This week we are releasing mobile platform updates for our new deep link generator and settings functionality. Users will be able to update their apps via their respective App Stores.

  • Deep Link Generator is a client tool that creates a shortened URL to link directly to specific content within the app.
  • Settings introduces the ability for the field to personalize their app with My Profile and control of Push Notifications.

Deep Link Generator

With the deep link update, we have now added an additional tab to the Client Portal called Communications. Today, when you access the tab, you will see a new tool called the Deep Link Generator.

If you would like to create a deep link to a piece of content that you have uploaded to the Media Library, you can do that here. You can also create deep links to other features within the app such as Action Reports, Shopping, Prospector, Enrollment, Events, and the Subscription page.


Once the deep link has been created, it can be shared with the field via an SMS, email, or even posted to a social media outlet. You can include deep links in blog posts on your website. You can use a deep link to configure a Use App button on your company’s Facebook page. When the link is clicked, it will behave in one of the following 3 ways:

  • When clicked on a mobile device with the app installed the link will open the specific area of the app.
  • When clicked on a mobile device without the app installed, the link will open the relevant app store at the app’s install page.
  • When clicked on a desktop or laptop, it will open the relevant page in the Apple App Store.

Generating these deep links and including them in regular announcements regarding new features, training exercises, challenges, or promotional announcements will drive adoption and improve retention.


A new Settings option is now added to the Side Navigation Menu where app users will find the following:

  • My Profile
    • Add a custom image to their app*
    • Add an email address and phone number
    • My Site link (formerly located on the main page of Prospector)

*Subscription-only clients to follow. 

  • Notifications Settings
    • Toggle on/off notifications from this app (corporate)
    • Toggle on/off Prospector notifications
    • Toggle on/off Enrollment notifications