Product Update – Improve Conversion with My Share Tracking

My Share Tracking

With My Share Tracking functionality, app users are encouraged to share content knowing any conversions will be credited back to them!

luxx-share-trackingWhen app users share Media Library content to a specific person or on a social media platform, it includes a compelling Call to Action (CTA) card tailored to your brand along with a CTA button. All clicks on the button are automatically tracked back and credited to the original distributor who shared the content. Potential customers or recruits are taken to a corporate-specified web experience with the original app user’s distributor ID encoded.

  • My Share Tracking data shows corporate teams which content items garner the most attention and click-throughs from potential customers and recruits.
  • App users may share content using any compatible apps including Facebook, Twitter, Email/Gmail, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, and SMS-Messenger, etc.
  • Users can share content from the Home, Media Library, and Prospector app views.
  • When supported by the social platform, the content link unfurls to display an image and abbreviated text of the content.
  • Shared content pages are responsive and look great on desktop and mobile web browsers.

Push Notification Issue on iOS

Some users have reported an issue with Push Notifications not working on their iOS devices and we have been investigating the problem. It is apparent that these users have Background App Refresh disabled, which is preventing the app from processing the notifications.

background-refreshIf your users are reporting this issue on iOS here is the resolution:

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn on Background App Refresh.

You can disable this feature for individual apps from this screen too. However it must be on if you want to receive the notifications that someone has viewed your shared content.