Product Update – Major Feature Announcement!

By December 14, 2016Product Updates, Tech Blog

Enrollment 3.0

Enrollment 3.0 is the latest iteration of our made-for-mobile Enrollment feature!

Fragmob mobile app users can easily input the information required by your company to complete an enrollment on the spot. Enrollment 3.0 integrates with Prospector to auto complete already known information, and it also gives the user the ability to send an invitation to the Enrollee to complete the information themselves. All data is transmitted in accordance with PCI compliance standards.

For independent sales representatives (ISRs), the delay from initial contact to formal enrollment can be a big issue. The process can take weeks and require signatures, physical forms, and even faxing! Fragmob saw the need to empower distributors to transact business anytime, anywhere, on any device with trust and confidence.

Enrollment 3.0 provides a cutting edge solution for your field’s enrollment process. This powerful tool enables distributors to more quickly bring on new recruits and help enrollees earn a new source of income quickly and efficiently – all while ensuring compliance with international regulations.

  • Easy user-friendly in-app enrollment flow
  • Real-time enrollment of new customers and distributors
  • Flexibility for enrollment types, country variation, and business rules

Search in Media Library

Once your ISRs have updated their app to the latest build, they will have the ability to search for media content in the Media Library using the content title.

This improved Media Library search functionality will allow ISRs to quickly view or share content regarding a specific product or event without having to scroll through the categories.

Engagement Report

The latest addition to the Analytics section in the FragDS 3.0 Portal consists of two new reports. Both provide insight into how much time your users are spending with the app.  

  • Average Session Duration – this report displays the average length of each session in seconds during a month. This report will help you to understand how much time your users are spending using the app.
  • Sessions Per User – this report shows how many sessions your users are partaking in per week, on average.

As ISRs spend more time in the app, working their prospects, viewing educational material and sharing compliant media from the Media Library, the numbers in both of these reports will increase.

Also included in these reports are the aggregate numbers for all clients on the Fragmob mobile platform so you can see exactly how your app is performing against other companies in the direct sales industry.