Product Update – Introducing Redesign To Improve User Experience

In our mobile app update due to be made available the week of 8/7, we are pleased to introduce:

  • Primary Navigation and Media Library Reinvention for an easier and more intuitive experience

Designing an app is more than just making it look good. Design is also critical for helping your users find their way around the app. As discussed in Steven Hoober’s research of mobile device usage, it’s best to place the most important and frequently used actions at the bottom of the screen. Doing so enables users to comfortably reach those items with one-thumb interactions.

It is with this user experience in mind that we are delighted to announce the redesign of the Navigation Menu and the addition of a Tab Bar at the bottom of each main screen.


It is no coincidence that some of the most widely used mobile apps share this same navigation experience, including: Facebook Mobile with 1.15 billion daily active users, Apple App Store available on 1 billion devices worldwide, and LinkedIn Mobile with an estimated 240 million daily active users.

We are continually working to improve the in-app experience for the users, and this redesign allows us to:

  • Promote the most important destinations and communicate the current location
  • Increase the speed of navigation, allowing rapid switching between features
  • Make navigation more intuitive through ease and familiarity.

We are also introducing a sharp new look to the Media Library that will provide:

  • Inclusion of Social Media feeds for consistency and easy access
  • Addition of My Favorites for quick access to your most popular media items
  • Prominent Tags for better navigation.


We are confident that your users will relish the familiarity of the new design. We expect this update will increase daily sessions, which will in turn increase your Independent Sales Representatives’ productivity.