Product Update – Click to Call

Click to Call is a new Media Library category for hosting conference call invitations. Updated by your corporate team in the Client Portal, they appear in the app with all the details required to set a reminder, join the call, or share it with a prospect or team member.

We believe that the Click to Call update will encourage better conference call attendance, particularly when used in conjunction with Corporate Alerts and My Steps.

In the same way that you add video, audio, images, news, files, and links to the Media Library, you are now able to upload a Click-To-Call event.

Add Content
Add Click To Call

By adding an image along with the call details, you can create app content for each call. These items appear in the Team Calls category that, once populated, will show up in the library.

App users will see new conference call invitations in the Latest Feed when they are uploaded. By clicking on View, you can open the invitation and (if the call is currently running) tap the Click-To-Call button that says Dial-In Now to attend. If the call is not scheduled to take place right away, then you can tap the Add-To-Calendar button to save it to the calendar on your device.

Team Calls
Dial In Now

You can improve the awareness that a call is happening by sending a Push Notification to your field using Corporate Alerts.

The recipient does not need to be in the app to receive a Push Notification. When they click on it they will be directed straight into the Team Calls category, directly to the call details that you are notifying them about.

Compensation Plan Training Call Starts in 10 mins

By adding a challenge in My Steps, you can encourage your independent reps to attend the next available training call. Doing so serves as a great way to educate them of the existence of this feature.

My Steps is customizable and we can create the text and call-to-action that you desire without any engineering effort.

Team Calls
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