What We Do

Fragmob is a San Diego based mobile software company offering white-label sales and productivity tools for independent salespeople worldwide. As a mobile app creator, Fragmob specializes in understanding what goes on in the brains of professionals who aren’t trapped behind a computer and focuses on products and methodologies that drive, or instigate, specific actions and behaviors.

Product Feature Details

Our powerful mobile apps set up your field to be even more successful. Our features teach your business and comp plan through actionable steps that are tailored specifically for your company. We help your field learn the best actions to grow their independent business and increase sales conversions whether it is prospecting, converting new sales, or mentoring their sales teams.


The gamified Prospector feature helps your field sort, identify, and communicate with their prospects. Using the popular “swipe-to-sort” format, identifying prospects from your contacts is fun and engaging. Once hot prospects are identified, users are encouraged to follow up and maintain momentum. At any moment, your field can see which prospects are “hot”, “pending”, or “on ice” – ensuring they focus on the best opportunities first and keep track of all interactions with the prospect.

Your field can easily communicate the right message to prospects via email, SMS, or phone call – leveraging the proper brand assets from the Media Library. Uniform messaging helps maintain your brand consistency and ensures that the app users communicate your products, business opportunity, and brand in the best light.

Prospector Viewed Content Notification

Media Library

The Media Library feature helps your field easily engage prospects with brand approved assets and news updates. Upload and filter media by name, type, section, and upload date.

  • Comprehensive repository for users to browse, view, and share all corporate provided content
  • Create custom library sections and upload videos, audio files, documents, images, news or blog posts, URLs
  • Provide digital mentorship to your field and their their downlines with shareable, in-app content

Home Feed with Social Media Integration

The Home Feed feature keeps your field informed, improves news awareness, promotes your brand and products, and connects with social media all in one place! The Home Feed contains up to 25 continuously updated items.

  • Display your corporate social media content on the Home Feed including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Users can tap to read full social posts in-app
  • Users have the ability to share posts (in-app) or visit posts directly (web)

My Share Tracking

My Share Tracking

My Share Tracking gives the app user social sharing credit for click-through conversions on official branded content. With My Share Tracking functionality, app users are encouraged to share content knowing any conversions will be credited back to them!

When app users share Media Library content to a specific person or on a social media platform, it includes a compelling Call to Action (CTA) card tailored to your brand along with a CTA button. All clicks on the button are automatically tracked back and credited to the original distributor who shared the content. Potential customers or recruits are taken to a corporate-specified web experience with the original app user’s distributor ID encoded.

  • My Share Tracking data shows corporate teams which content items garner the most attention and click-throughs from potential customers and recruits.
  • App users may share content using any compatible apps including Facebook, Twitter, Email/Gmail, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, and SMS-Messenger, etc.
  • Users can share content from the Home, Media Library, and Prospector app views.
  • When supported by the social platform, the content link unfurls to display an image and abbreviated text of the content.
  • Shared content pages are responsive and look great on desktop and mobile web browsers.

My Steps

My Steps are the fun and interactive way to lead users through any comp plan. Custom-tailored My Steps are an excellent tool for onboarding, training, and guiding to the next rank or milestone. “Take Me There” functionality takes users directly from the step to the media item or prospect view needed to complete the step.

Game players exhibit persistence, risk-taking, attention to detail, and problem-solving – all behaviors that positively impact direct sellers working their business. When experiencing game design elements, app users activate those positive traits and apply them to selling and recruiting. Gamification elements in My Steps include Points, Trophies, Quests, and Rank Insignias, all of which may be tailored to your organization and comp plan.

  • Points are a visual, engaging indicator to show users the value progression of their work as they rank up. Points are advertised on the step if available and are awarded when users complete the step. Corporate clients can determine point values to appropriately match the difficulty level of each step.
  • Trophies reward users with an individual trophy title and congratulatory text when a designated step is completed. Users can share and publicize their trophy accomplishments through the app. Trophy icon sets can be displayed in the style of coins, plaques, cups, or badges. Or, reinforce your in-app corporate brand with client-provided trophy artwork.
  • Quests are the steps given for a rank. Rank Insignias are displayed in the steps timeline and are unlocked as users progress from rank to rank. Users can see past, current, and future ranks.

My Steps

dashboard FragDS 3.0


The Dashboard feature provides step-by-step guidance to help your field progress through your comp plan to their next rank using real-time business stats. The Dashboard displays the user’s personal business details on their screen, such as rank, commissions, recruiting numbers, prospects, etc. Not only can users view their business information, but they can also see the business and contact information for their downline. With this knowledge, users can appropriately encourage and train their teams.

Action Reports

The Action Reports feature helps your field determine the most effective next steps to take. With a collection of real-time reports based on the app user’s downline, your field can stay informed and drive specific behaviors to create success.

Action Reports are completely tailored to the way your field does business. Using playful graphics and elements of gamification, we make data analysis simple, clear, and fun.

  • Detailed and custom-tailored reports on downline performance
  • Sortable data columns
  • Tap any person on an Action Report to view their Downline Dashboard
  • Monitor your team with reports like “First 30 days,” “Close to rank,” “Canceled Autoship,” etc.


With the Enrollment feature, your field can accomplish fast and efficient business growth. The Enrollment feature is fully configurable including country or market selection, enrollment fields, products and services selections, and autoship options. Multiple countries and languages are supported.

Users can easily input personal information such as name, screenname, email, password, billing information, autoship preferences, starter enrollment kit, and credit card information. All data is transmitted in accordance with PCI compliance standards.

  • Distributors can enroll new users into your organization in real-time
  • User-friendly in-app enrollment flow
  • Ability to have different enrollment “types” and variation by country
  • Allows for flexibility with business rules for purchasing starter kits or required product


This intuitive and beautiful shopping experience will ensure your products are always presented in the best light. Available with quick views and sorting options, your users can easily locate their perfect product. Shopping shows the complete product line available for purchase in the user’s geography.

Shopping includes both shopping for myself and for others. Users can view receipts and order history of their own mobile purchases, as well as mobile purchases made for others. Your field can easily convert new sales opportunities and generate revenue from anywhere by shopping for themselves or for their customers, all from within the app.

  • Checkout Made Simple – App users can securely checkout with one click-purchasing (card-on-file must be supported), edit their shopping cart, and receive instant order confirmations. Product availability and information is synced with inventory management systems for real-time updates.
  • Large Catalog Supported – No matter how many SKUs you offer, our platform is designed to provide quick load speeds for an amazing user experience.

App User Experience & Functionality


The login functionality authenticates users and restricts application access on the login screen. Depending on your company, app users can login through one of the following methods: username, email, phone number, or guest login combined with their respective password.

Side Navigation

Our app is structured with persistent navigation links. Every section of the app is accessible through the side navigation, and each side navigation link has an accompanying icon.

Contact Us

Users can view company contact information for questions and support via phone, web, or email. Contact information can include actionable buttons to call or email support directly.


Users may logout of the mobile application to end the current session and remove user credentials. Logging out of the application will help enhance user security. Users will return to the login screen upon successful log out.

Client Portal

What’s new in the Fragmob mobile platform Client Portal?

  • Your corporate command center – Real Time Mission Control
  • Manage all corporate content to be made available in the Media Library
  • Gain visibility into your active user counts
  • Discover which app features your field use most
  • See total media shares from the media library
  • Receive total revenue and enrollment numbers
  • Actionable Analytics – available in the Client Portal
    • Filter stats by localizations and language
    • Easily observe trends and KPIs

Client Portal