Fragmob Announces Partnership with IDSA and

Partnership aims to provide industry leading cost effective insurance solutions to independent direct sellers

Fragmob, a mobile sales automation software provider, and in conjunction with Independent Direct Sellers Association (IDSA), today announced a new partnership in which the organizations will support independent sales reps with industry-leading insurance services and compliant materials through and the FragDS 3.0 mobile platform.

Fragmob builds mobile apps that help direct sellers through game-like digital instruction and provides compliant training materials and product assets. Yet with technological advances and superior business tools comes scrutiny and strict regulations. Through, direct sellers can receive cost effective insurance solutions as an independent worker. Coverage is available in the United States and Canada.

“Collectively, we see independent business owners exposed to greater liability all the time. This exposure is coupled with more hotels and events asking for proof of business liability coverage. Not being covered could cause business owners great economic hardship and or even cost them their entire business. Therefore, there is a real and immediate need for our $75 annual insurance solutions,” said John Parks, Partner at IDSA.

“Through IDSA and’s partnership with Fragmob, we will help direct sellers ensure protection of their business. We are very grateful and excited about this partnership, and look forward to helping the Fragmob family of clients.”

Fragmob and IDSA will join forces on October 5-7 for the Fragmob Technology Convention. The IDSA team is attending this premier technology event for direct sales corporate executives in San Diego, CA.

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