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By October 26, 2016Direct Sales, Events, Tech Blog

How to evolve + empower + engage + execute with technologist CJ Little

Attendees at the 2016 Fragmob Technology Convention enjoyed a general session featuring an interactive thought exercise led by CJ Little. Learn why industries need to recognize false positives in order to evolve, how much millennials really love their smartphones, and how to see opportunity in discrepancies:

Top 4 Strategies to Stay Nimble:

  • Fail Fast. Sprint to failure; correct course; lather, rinse, repeat.
  • Next Strategic Actions. Think in these… How do you eat a whale?
  • Plan Less, Execute More. Hammer your culture until malleable.
  • Core Competency. Focus on what you are good at.

About CJ

CJ LittleCJ Little is a life-long technologist who is driven by solving problems. CJ grew up in a world where he thought outside of the box with the ability to engineer solutions for anything. His programming career began with his first computer at age four, and CJ spent his childhood mastering advanced programming languages, taking apart and repairing electronics and circuitry, and managing internet nodes and forums. Finally at age 14, CJ started his first technology consulting “company” and was offered several internships with game development shops. By age 16, as the head of his class with a perfect GPA, CJ dropped out of high school to pursue his passion of technology.