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Fragmob architects, designs, and develops engaging, addictive apps for your sales reps and powerful tools for corporate.

Fragmob SaaS Mobile Platform

Unleash the benefits of a powerful mobile sales solution.


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Fragmob is a mobile software company offering white-label sales and productivity tools for independent salespeople worldwide. As an innovator in mobile app tools, Fragmob understands professionals who aren’t trapped behind a computer and instead run their business on-the-go. We help organizations consider:

  • How effective is your mobile strategy in driving sales and retention?
  • How well are you measuring your field’s activities?
  • How often and how consistently is your mobile platform updated?

Many in the industry know that prospecting can be the scariest aspect of direct sales for the field, especially for newly enrolled recruits. Fragmob’s Prospector tool gamifies the prospecting experience, removing the discomfort that has traditionally impeded direct sellers in the past.


Analytics Suite in the Client Portal

Platform clients receive useful insights from the Client Portal, a robust analytics dashboard with real-time business intelligence. The Client Portal acts as your real-time mission control so you can:

  • Manage all corporate content to be made available in the app
  • Gain visibility into your active user counts
  • Discover which app features your field use most
  • See total media shares from the media library
  • Receive total revenue and enrollment numbers
  • Actionable Analytics – available in the Client Portal
    • Filter stats by localizations and language
    • Easily observe trends and KPIs


 Mobile App White Papers

  • Direct Sales Compliance and Mobile

  • Adoption Strategy

  • Why Mobile?

  • Prospector Sales ROI

”We have seen fantastic results in helping our IBOs build their individual businesses. We have seen sponsoring more than double in the last month from the previous and feel that this app has had a major impact on that effort. The Fragmob team has been very responsive to our needs and very forward thinking in their own efforts to help us have the best of the best tools available to our team.”
”Deploying LV Pro and all its features to our field has been a smooth and pain-free process. Fragmob continues to roll out upgrades regularly and they provide feedback to us about how our Distributors are using the app. LV Pro is an integral part of our mobile strategy.”
”From start to finish the whole process was quick and easy for us as Fragmob provided the technical expertise and guidance we needed to get Love Shibue Mobile launched and in the hands of our Fashion Consultants!”
”We were very impressed with the quality of the product and the ease at which we were able to deploy such a feature rich mobile app to our field.”
”Trivesta is committed to empowering our field with the latest technology available to assure your success. This latest version of Enrollment is a level above anything we have seen in the mobile application space to date.”
boss-avisae-testimonialCurtis Hall - VP Business Development - BOSS
Ryan Baltz - Director of Digital Products - LifeVantage
LoveShibue-TestimonialJenny Buettner - CEO - Love Shibue
Visalus-TestimonialAldo Moreno - CIO - Visalus
trivesta-testimonialJoseph Cherry - CEO/President - Trivesta


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“I love being able to stay in touch with my business and to be able to sign up a distributor or customer right from my phone on-the-go is just simply amazing! I recommend this for every distributor.”


“Great App! This app gives us the tools we need right at our fingertips for on-the-go. Very handy and easy to use!”


“Love it! Easily share company links, videos etc. to your guests or team through social media, text or email. I love how easy it is to find something I’m looking for and it’s so easy to use.”


“A must have! I love this app! My numbers are accurately up-to-date and it’s a real time saver not having to log into one’s back office on the computer!”


“Love the new app. Sets the bar for other companies to step up their mobile app.”
iOS user03/02/15
Android user10/19/16
Android user10/02/16
iOS user12/09/11
Android user07/29/16